Do you have concerns about the fire safety of someone you know?

There are people who struggle to take care of their own fire safety and may pose a risk to others. We want to find and help these people, so we can prevent injuries and death caused by fire.


Escape route

Unfortunately, storage or other obstacles in the escape route is quite common. Storage in escape routes that can prevent safe escape, is not permitted.

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Is the building in compliance with the current fire safety legislation?

If fire alarm systems are disconnected or display errors, it will not be able to alert residents if a fire occurs. Defects in the building, such as default construction, default or lack of fire cell division or poorly executed work in the building that leaves holes in the construction, can be the difference between life and death in a fire. The fact that the building is in order is the owner's responsibility, whether it is a detached house or a larger housing association.


The fire truck can’t get through

Sometimes the fire trucks struggle to get to the emergency, because of parked cars, large amounts of snow etc. It is of vital importance that the person who discovers such conditions reports it to the fire service.

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Storage of gas

Gas should not be stored in basements or attics, and there are rules for which places to store larger amounts of gas-containers.

Oppbevaring av gass

Poor electrical installations

Old electrical systems, or systems and connections with faults, are very common and can pose a high risk of fire. If you are concerned about electrical solutions or other faults related to electricity, we encourage you to contact the local electrical authority directly.


Rebuilding, or other work in buildings

During refurbishment or maintenance, fire safety is unfortunately often reduced. Fire alarm systems and sprinklers are often disconnected and escape routes are blocked. Buildings shall not be used during such periods, if measures to secure the fire safety has not been implemented.

Ombygging eller annet arbeid i bygg

Illegal use of buildings

In some cases, people are occupying buildings illegally, for various reasons. This can pose a fire hazard. NOTE: Illegal use of buildings is regulated by the plan and building act, so we kindly ask you to contact the local planning and building authorities directly to report your concerns.

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